Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision realised 

Generations of Catholic families in the East Lake Macquarie area yearned for continuity in the high school education for their children. The realisation of the vision was partially completed in 1964 when the Sisters of St Joseph opened the doors of St Mary’s High School.   

Over the past 50 years, the dedication and commitment of students, parents and staff have contributed to the emergence of a more expansive view of Catholic secondary education in the region. 

In 2019, the vision was fully realised when the college celebrated its first Year 12 graduating class. 

Milestones of our story 

1964    St Mary’s High School, Gateshead, founded by the Josephite Sisters as a Year 7-10 girls’ high school with 156 enrolments. 

1965    The first lay teacher began. 

1983    St Mary’s transitions to a co-educational community. 

2015    It was announced that St Mary’s would grow into a Year 7-12 college commencing 2018. 

2017    St Mary’s High School, Gateshead, becomes St Mary’s Catholic College. 

2018    The first Year11 students enrol. 

2019    The college celebrates the graduation of the first Year 12 cohort. 

The story continues …

The symbolism of our visual identity 

St Mary's Gateshead CrestCentred in the waters of Baptism is the dove representing the Holy Spirit. Its wings are made up of seven feathers. One each for the gifts of the spirit. 

The three feathers in the tail signify the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

And the two sections of the body indicate the two natures of Jesus, fully human and fully divine. 

Our motto, Ready to Serve, is based on the text from St Luke’s Gospel, “I am the servant of the Lord,” which was Mary’s response to the invitation to become the mother of Jesus. 

The Josephite cross acknowledges the foundation of St Mary’s in 1964 by the Sisters of St Joseph. 

College Mantra – Be Safe – Be Respectful – Be a Learner 



“I am the servant of the Lord,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled …” Luke 1:38

To be a place of learning, growth, and hope

centred on and nourished by

the love of Jesus Christ.


“I came that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Inspired by the gifts of the Spirit and built on the foundation of the Josephite Sisters,

we strive to be a welcoming Catholic College community,

educating for the fullness of life for all

on the pillars of safety, respect, learning and service.


Ready to Serve

The school motto is based on the text from St Luke's Gospel "Behold I am the servant of the Lord", (Luke 1:38), which was Mary's response to the invitation to become the mother of Jesus.

Our translation of the text "Ready to Serve" is at the centre of all we do at St Mary's and all we try to give witness to in our day-to-day relationships with each other.


Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be a Learner.