Beyond The Gates

Beyond the Gates is an innovative partnership between the Catholic Schools of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese and CatholicCare Social Services Hunter-Manning. The Beyond The Gates team work with students and families who would typically fall through the gaps of traditional supports to ensure every child has every chance of reaching their potential.

The program provides case management, where support plans are created around identified student and family needs, and the team work “beyond the gates” in the family home and community, to facilitate the realisation of these goals. Flexible eligibility criteria ensure the team can work with as many students and families as possible, on any barriers – big or small – towards the student and family moving forward.

The team will maintain at least fortnightly contact with the student and quarterly contact with the family during their time together, to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal and there is demonstrable progress during their time with the program.

Beyond the Gates addresses wide-ranging issues, such as attendance, return-to-school plans, family support, counselling referrals and much more. Involvement is typically for a period of three to nine months, but this can be extended depending on need. Beyond the Gates is an entirely voluntary program so there is no pressure on the family or student to participate.

If you wish to find out more, please contact team leader Lucy Karbowiak at and watch our video at