Student Services

Student Services is a vital part of St Mary's Catholic College campus. Students can access this facility at any time during the day if they have queries relating to their timetable or other school matters. Students report to Student Services if they are signing in late or meeting a parent because they are leaving early. Students attend Student Services if they are unwell and require access to the sick bay. Parents will be contacted and requested to collect their child.

Student Services is a valuable source of information regarding school events and excursions. In addition, paperwork relating to Assessment and the Illness/Misadventure Application Process is available, as well as being the site for Assessment Task Submission Boxes.

Student Services is a valuable link between home and school, with many parents using this avenue to liaise with the college. Students can use Student Services to store personal belongings for the day, search for lost property items, and collect replacement ID cards when ordered and paid for through the Finance office.